Transhumanistic Manifest-Panspermialism

the fact that Moffat has this block against using anything from Davies’s era is really gross and against the spirit and history of doctor who

like, the only things featured in Moffat’s stories that were also featured in Davies’s were things which existed before Davies (e.g. daleks, cybermen, silurians, etc)

and now he’s excluding Jack from the fiftieth anniversary, the thing which is supposed to celebrate the entire history of the show

grow the fuck up Moffat this is a show with fifty fucking years of rich history, not a place for you to throw passive aggressive temper-tantrums like a 12 year old

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    ^^^^Managed to express my feelings better than I could.
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    I just want to add something. You know what doesn’t exist in doctor who? CANON doesn’t exist in Doctor Who. It never has...
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    No. I don’t know how much clearer it needs to be tbh. Silence must fall when the question is asked, therefore they want...
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    Here is the hypocrisy of this whole argument. RTD played fast and loose with Who history. He rewrote some chapters and...
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    so they went to the trouble of exploding the tardis (somehow) to create cracks in time that would wipe out the entire...
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    I want to stay out of this because I hate fandom drama, but I can’t help myself. I wasn’t even aware that this was a...
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    #lololol #omg #this has cheered me up a bit #the thing is #moffuck thinks he’s showing us his fanboy credentials when he...
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    I generally tend to stay out of RTD vs. Moffat arguments, because I had a lot of issues with both of them which probably...
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