Transhumanistic Manifest-Panspermialism
Where does the Global Mindset stop? An Alternative: Advanced Pragmatic Genetic Forethought

It seems the belief of almost any philosopher that you have to think of the entire species as a whole to give your life perspective. Every single time you walk on a paved sidewalk you have to think of those poor starving children in Africa. Yet has it occurred to anyone that there is really no rationale to this? It’s just a postulate. Love thy fellow man. Okay, why? Because we share some genetic code? 90% of our genetic code isn’t even human, it’s viral. Every attempt to rationalize this fails. Some say self-awareness, do we exclude infants? Some say potentiality, do we exclude the severely disabled? Some say being in the same species; what happens if physical separation produces races that cannot inter-breed? When that happens, by definition, the other race is a different species. Do we then consider them the enemy? A partner species? Will it be the first nationalistic pride that actually has a rationale? Will there be times of war and peace? The global mindset fails to address these important issues.

What mindset does address these issues? Advanced pragmatic genetic forethought. Really the only thing an individual exists for is to create future individuals with its genes. This principle and instinct drives evolution. A person should go through life carefully considering how to further their genes. Let’s break it down: advanced. The thought put into this should not be simple, quick thought. That leads to misinterpretation and selfishness. Pragmatic. The thought done on this should be applied to real world situations that are achievable or to the formation of other principles which can be used pragmatically. Genetic. It is based on the principle of passing on one’s genes. Forethought. The thought should be futurecentric - at times very far futurecentric. Thought into the far future is what makes the higher principles to live by.

There are many such principles. One is the title of this blog: transhumanistic manifest-panspermialism. It puts the forethought that the earth will not always be habitable and that evolution benefits a species to the pragmatic genetic conclusion that humanity must expand into the universe and allow for evolution to occur. Another important conclusion is just plain humanism. By making the future environment better, you are benefiting your genes by preserving them through the future. This includes the human environment. If there are more humans living in better conditions, biodiversity increases, and work of the species towards another principle, postmodern panspermia, is enhanced. I won’t explain the whole thought process here, but through advanced thought, one can come to the pragmatic genetic conclusion that the healthier the human species and the environment it lives in, the healthier your genes.

Now to address a problem mentioned much earlier: other competitive species. APGF addresses this with ease. Cooperation with the competitor doubles the power of the human species and the competitor, thus furthers the genes of both species, including yours. Mutualism is the best policy when it comes to inter-species cooperation, period. No doubt they must have some adaptation that gives them value, otherwise they wouldn’t be a competitive species. So they can benefit us.

APGF is a highly useful alternative to a postulated “global mindset.” It is a platform from which higher philosophy can develop, not a philosophy to be defended like the global mindset.

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